IMDIS 2021

Online, 12-14 April 2021 International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems


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Monday 12 April

13:30 - 17:45


Chairs: Michele Fichaut, Dick Schaap
13:30 Introduction to the conference, structure and objectives + Welcome by Special Guests Michèle Fichaut, Taco de Bruin, Prof. Dr. Henk Brinkhuis, Prof. Dr. Martin Visbeck and Dr. Iain Shepherd
13:45 UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development – new challenges and opportunities to strengthen the international cooperation Sergey Belov
14:00 The SeaDataCloud project achievements and its wider impact on European marine data management standards, practices and infrastructures Dick Schaap and Michele Fichaut

Session Products: Data products, information and knowledge

Chairs: Sissy Iona, Charles Troupin
14 orals, 25 posters
14:15 35 World Ocean Database in 3D: Development, Dissemination, Deliverables Alexey Mishonov, Tim Boyer, Ricardo Locarnini, Hernan Garcia, Dan Seidov, Melissa Zweng, Christopher Paver, Olga Baranova, James Reagan, Igor Smolyar and Alexandra Grodsky
14:33 68 Time-Series Data Products from the Australian Integrated Marine Observing System Marton Hidas, Eduardo Klein Salas, Guillaume Galibert, Sebastien Mancini, Craig Steinberg, Bernadette Sloyan, Michael Hemming, Ana Redondo Rodriguez, Miaoju Chen, Simon Spagnol and Peter Jansen
14:41Health break
15:00 94 The Ocean InfoHub Project Lucy Scott, Tobias Spears, Peter Pissierssens, Arno Lambert and Pier Luigi Buttigieg
15:08 27 EMODnet Chemistry: progresses and challenges along the path to the European marine litter data management Matteo Vinci, Eugenia Molina, Elena Partescano, Alessandra Giorgetti, Alessandro Altenburger, Alexia Cociancich and Erik Geletti
15:16 100 EMODnet Bathymetry - High Resolution Seabed Mapping – increasing the resolution of the digital bathymetry for European seas Thierry Schmitt, Dick Schaap, George Spoelstra, Benoit Loubrieu, Cecile Pertuisot, Martin Verlaan, Sandra Gaytan Aguilar, Ricard Campos and Knut Hartmann
15:24 93 Blue-Cloud Demonstrator: A machine learning approach to derive plankton biomass and diversity products from the Global Ocean Patricia Cabrera, Viviana Otero, Gert Everaert, Raphaëlle Sauzède, Renosh Pannimpullath-Remanan, Hervé Claustre, Julia Uitz, Alexander Barth, Charles Troupin and Lennert Schepers
15:32 140 SeaDataCloud temperature and salinity climatologies for the European marginal seas and the Global Ocean Simona Simoncelli, Christine Coatanoan, Volodymyr Myroshnychenko, Örjan Bäck, Helge Sagen, Serge Scory, Nadia Pinardi, Alexander Barth, Charles Troupin, Kanwal Shahzadi, Paolo Oliveri, Reiner Schlitzer, Michele Fichaut and Dick Schaap
15:40 91 To patch, rebuild, or to build new? The genesis of the ICES portal Carlos Pinto, Mehdi Abbasi, Anna Osypchuk, Joana Ribeiro and Neil Holdsworth
15:48 90 The concept of featured data services in the PORTO interface Aldo Drago, Audrey Zammit, Adam Gauci, Anthony Galea, Joel Azzopardi, Raisa Galea De Giovanni, Gianfranco Calise, Giuseppe Ciraolo, Salvatore Aronica, Rosario Sinatra, Elisabetta Paradiso and Fulvio Capodici
15:56 95 The CYCOFOS new Web GIS Elena Zhuk and George Zodiatis
16:04Health break
16:18Poster session Products, view posters here
17:13 130 Are the pan-European seas a promising source for critical metals supply? GeoERA-MINDeSEA Marine Data and Information Management Best Practices Trevor Alcorn, Xavier Monteys, Javier Gonzalez, Iker Blasco and Ana Lobato
17:21 19 Supporting the essential - Recommendations for the development of accessible and interoperable marine biological data products Dan Lear, Peter Herman, Gert Van Hoey, Lennert Schepers, Natalie Tonné, Marina Lipizer, Frank Muller-Karger, Ward Appeltans, Daniel Kissling, Neil Holdsworth, Martin Edwards, Ellen Pecceu, Henrik Nygård, Gabrielle Canonico, Silvana Birchenough, George Graham, Klaas Deneudt and Joana Beja
17:29 46 Predicting the spread of invasive marine species with open data and machine learning: Process and Challenges Adrian Bumann, Robin Teigland, Jannes Germishuys, Benedikt Ziegler, Martin Mattson, Eddie Olsson, Robert Rylander, Marcus Lindh, Yixin Zhang and Torsten Linders
17:37 57 A picture is worth a thousand data points: Making videos and images from marine environmental monitoring available to all Markus Lindh, Patrick Gorringe and Johan Stål
17:45End of day 1

Tuesday 13 April

13:30 - 17:40

Session Services: Data services and tools in ocean science

Chairs: Alexandra Kokkinaki, Peter Thijsse
18 orals, 24 posters
13:30 126 Virtual Research Environments supporting sustainability of global fisheries Anton Ellenbroek, Marc Taconet, Julien Barde, Anne-Elise Nieblas, Aymen Charef, Aureliano Gentile and Emmanuel Blondel
13:48 64 SeaDataCloud Virtual Research Environment: Implementation and Technical Aspects Merret Buurman, Charles Troupin, Alexander Barth, Sebastian Mieruch, Leo Bruvry-Lagadec, Naranyanan Krishnan, Themis Zamani, Giorgio Santinelli, Fedor Baart, Peter Thijsse and Filip Waumans
13:56 69 Working with the SeaDataCloud Virtual Research Environment: what can we do for you? Charles Troupin, Alexander Barth, Leo Bruvry-Lagadec, Merret Buurman, Seppo Kaitala, Narayanan Krishnan, Sebastian Mieruch, Giorgio Santinelli, Peter Thijsse, Filip Waumans and Themis Zamani
14:04 38 webODV – operational and ready for the community Sebastian Mieruch and Reiner Schlitzer
14:12 52 Deep Learning for Supporting Ocean Data Quality Control Serdar Demirel, Sebastian Mieruch and Reiner Schlitzer
14:20 13 The European HF Radar node: two years distributing standardized and quality-controlled data to the major European Marine Data Portals Lorenzo Corgnati, Carlo Mantovani, Anna Rubio, Emma Reyes, Paz Rotllan, Antonio Novellino, Patrick Gorringe, Jose Luis Asensio Igoa, Annalisa Griffa and Julien Mader
14:28Health break
14:48 49 Novel automated quality control procedures for BGC data developed by the Copernicus Marine Service In-Situ TAC Team Vidar Lien, Jan Even Nilsen, Håvard Vindenes, Leonidas Perivoliotis, Seppo Kaitala and Virginie Racapé
14:56 99 Blue-Cloud: Developing a marine thematic EOSC cloud to explore and demonstrate the potential of cloud based open science in the domain of ocean sustainability Sara Pittonet Gaiarin, Sara Garavelli, Dick Schaap, Pasquale Pagano, Anton Ellenbroek, Kate Larkin, Gilbert Maudire, Alain Arnaud and Frederico Drago
15:04 103 EMODnet Ingestion and safe-keeping of marine data Sissy Iona and Dick Schaap
15:12 135 EMSO ERIC Data Services: managing distributed data through an ERDDAP federation Antoine Queric, Rob Thomas, Maurice Libes, Enoc Martinez, Claudia Fratianni, Tania Morales, Helen Snaith, Maria Sotiropoulou, Sylvie Van Iseghem, Raluca Radulescu, Paulo José Relvas de Almeida, Raul Bardaji and Ivan Rodero
15:20 29 OceanTeacher Global Academy: IOC’s Capacity Development Tool Claudia Delgado, Greg Reed and Peter Pissierssens
15:28 34 A collaborative approach to improving access to UK marine data Charlotte Miskin-Hymas, Jake Kuyer, Rob Daniel, Nicola Dewey, Dr Sean Gaffney, Dr Robin McCandliss and Dr Clare Postlethwaite
15:36 40 IMARDIS - A Marine Data Infrastructure Serving the Needs of the Welsh Marine Sector David Mills, Thomas Prebble, Guy Walker-Springett, Cathy Blakey, Gwyn Roberts, Sudha Susarita and Martin Austin
15:44Health break
16:00Poster session Services, view posters here
17:00 36 Applying the RDF DataCube model to power data visualization and exploration dashboards for the Irish Wave and Weather Buoy Networks Rob Thomas, Donnchadh Ó Foghlú, Kieran Lyons and Will Meaney
17:08 26 The French research vessels management: an opportunity for harmonized data Cecile Pertuisot, Frederic Merceur, Nolwenn Danioux, Goulwen Peltier and Loïc Petit De La Villéon
17:16 107 SatBałtyk System- modern tool for monitoring and research of the Baltic Sea Mirosława Ostrowska, Joanna Stoń-Egiert and Agnieszka Zdun
17:24 138 HarmoNIA project: web application for data visualisation Damir Ivanković, Dalibor Jelavić, Maria Eugenia Molina Jack and Marina Lipizer
17:32 139 PLOCAN multi-platform observatory data infrastructure Tania Morales, Ruben Marrero, Eduardo Caudet, Eric Delory and Jose Joaquin Brito
17:40End of Day 2

Wednesday 14 April

09:30 - 12:10

Session Tech: Technical developments for marine information and data management

Chairs: Merret Buurman, Sebastien Mancini
9 orals, 21 posters
09:30 96 How to stop re-inventing the wheel: a data management case study Jen Thomas, Marco Alba, Eric Bouillet, Antonio Novellino, Carles Pina Estany and Michele Volpi
09:48 42 A Modular Approach to Cataloguing Marine Science Data Adam Leadbetter, Will Meaney, Elizabeth Tray, Andrew Conway, Sarah Flynn, Tara Keena, Caoimhín Kelly and Rob Thomas
09:56 113 FAIR Semantics and the NVS Alexandra Kokkinaki, Gwenaelle Moncoiffe and Yann Le Franc
10:04 143 Semantic interoperability of operational parameter terminologies in marine sciences Gwenaelle Moncoiffe, Alexandra Kokkinaki, Alison Pamment, Neil Holdsworth, Hans Mose Jensen, Adam Shepherd, Adam Leadbetter and Rob Thomas
10:12 71 Increasing FAIRness of marine data within ENVRI-FAIR Peter Thijsse, Thierry Carval, Valerie Harscoat, Dick Schaap, Sylvie Pouliquen, Ivan Rodero, Benjamin Pfeil, Katrina Exter and Envrifair Wp Partners
10:20 66 Delivering Quality Marine Data and Services: the IODE Quality Management Framework Greg Reed and Rob Thomas
10:28Health break
10:45Poster session Tech, view posters here
11:45 147 Evolving the UNESCO/IOC Ocean Best Practices System: preparing methods for the oceans’ digital ecosystem Pier Luigi Buttigieg, Cora Hörstmann, Pauline Simpson and Jay Pearlman
11:53 117 Digital twin of the North Sea Joan Staeb, Igor Mayer, Yvonne Koldenhof, Fedor Baart, Petra Jeurissen and Peter Thijsse
12:01 47 Enhancing the technical architecture of the Unified State Ocean Information System (ESIMO) through the use of a cloud platform and digital technologies Sergey Belov, Nikolai Mikhailov and Alexey Kozlovcev
12:09End of Day 3 Morning

Wednesday 14 April

14:00 - 16:30

Session Infra: Marine environmental infrastructures for observation data (data management and access)

Chairs: Simona Simoncelli, David Mills
11 orals, 8 posters
14:00 121 A novel, spatially based, real-time software solution for the avoidance of “choke” bycatch species Amos Barkai, Heidi Henninger and Ron Smolowitz
14:18 22 Data Management Architecture to enable Multinational Co-operation Andrew Conway and Adam Leadbetter
14:26 44 Unifying specialized databases for a central search portal – the HCDC approach Linda Baldewein, Ulrike Kleeberg, Dietmar Sauer, Robin Luckey, Philipp S. Sommer and Housam Dibeh
14:34 59 ODATIS: cluster for French marine data management Valérie Harscoat, Sabine Schmidt, Gilbert Maudire, Cécile Nys, Joël Sudre, Caroline Mercier, Gérald Dibarboure and Frédéric Huynh
14:42 61 Gena, a cross-domain crowdsensing infrastructure Paolo Diviacco, Rodrigo Carbajales, Massimiliano Iurcev, Nikolas Potleca and Alessandro Busato
14:50Health break
15:10Poster session Infra, view posters here
15:40 10 River data management for coastal oceanography Antonio Novellino, Flavio Santos, Estrella Olmedo, Marco Alba, Luca Bonofiglio, Patrick Gorringe, Francisco Campuzano and Caio Fonteles
15:48 106 Welcome to the now: How to handle EOV Inorganic Carbon data in respect to the Sustainable Development Goals and the FAIR Data Management Principles Benjamin Pfeil, Steve Jones, Maren K. Karlsen, Rocío Castaño Primo and Camilla Landa
15:56 129 Recent developments on the integrated information system for the support of the implementation of the Greek Marine Strategy Framework Directive Angelos Lykiardopoulos, Paraskevi Drakopoulou, Athanasia-Sissy Iona, Vassiliki Loukaidi, Christina Damianou, Vasilis Lakes and Konstantinos Kalkavouras
16:04 145 In-situ Real-time Underwater Noise Dataflow: from OBSEA to EMODnet Enoc Martínez, Daniel M. Toma, Antonio Novellino, Marco Alba and Joaquín del Río
16:12 97 Interoperable Provision of Research Vessel Tracking Data via OGC SensorThings API and Sensor Observation Service Christian Autermann, Simon Jirka and Dick Schaap
16:20 148 Ship Of Opportunity Monitoring of the Western Mediterranean Sea using FerryBox Sana Ben Ismail, Sondos Awachri, Nouha Barraj, Mohamed Anis Ben Ismail and Cherif Sammari